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North Rockland Podiatry is proud to announce that Dr. Pete Costa has been re-certified in foot surgery by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery



 Welcome to our Podiatry Practice. We are located at 7 Liberty Square in Stony Point, New York 10980. We pride ourselves in operating a family style Podiatric Practice, where we get to meet you, as an individual.

Dr. Peter Costa is board certified Podiatrists and Foot Surgeon.  We diagnose and treat a wide variety of diseases and disorders of the feet. We treat both adults and children, and specialize in geriatric and diabetic foot care.

Podiatrists, also known as Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), have specialized training in surgery and treatment of the lower extremities – primarily feet and ankles.

A patient may be referred to a podiatrist for medical treatment or surgery if they suffer from conditions that affect the feet, such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, foot malformations, calluses, corns, bunions, hammer toes, ulcers and wounds, arch support problems, foot or ankle trauma, or running injuries including heel pain, Achilles tendonitis and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Dr. Costa works closely with patients to develop physical therapy regimens to strengthen muscles, correct gait, increase range of motion, and maximize function in the feet and ankles.